Reporting Real-time Performance of Channels

Elliot Chance
3 min readSep 27, 2019
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Go ships with great tools for runtime performance monitoring. However, for one of the projects I am working on I needed tailored metrics around three channels that do the primary communication between the larger components of the processing service.

I wanted to be able to print realtime stats on movement and blocking of these channels only each minute. So I created ChannelPerf :

How does it work?

For the most part it is a drop in replacement-ish with how you would normally use a channel:

// ch := make(chan interface{}, 1)
ch := NewChannelPerf(1, "Some name")

// ch <- "foo"

// next, ok := <-ch
next, ok := ch.Receive()

// close(ch)

// for next := range ch {
// fmt.Println(next)
// }
for {
next, ok := ch.Receive()
if !ok {

The name (second parameter of NewChannelPerf) is used to label statistics with ch.String():


Displays something like:

Some name (clock: 1.387381ms, sent: 3 in 1.745µs, received: 3 in 1.268469ms)
  • clock is how long it has been tracking statistics. Statistics can…



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